Jason Crandall, Pastor
Cityview Church, Pearland

Scott Maze, Senior Pastor
NRHBC & Cross Church 

“We were students at SWBTS for six and a half years.  The gifts of the Cooperative Program made my education possible.  The CP is still making our ministry possible.  My husband is now working on his Doctoral degree at SWBTS.  Because of the CP, we are able to be equipped to spread the Gospel.  Thank you for making this possible!"

Dewey Watson, Task Force Director
Disaster Relief

"Growing up on the mission I had the opportunity to see how the Cooperative Program made it possible for missionaries to make it to the field, thrive on the field, and have an eternal impact on lives around the globe.  As a seminary student I was so grateful for the Cooperative Program because it means more God-called men and women can serve the Lord without being burdened by debt in pursuit of a theological education.  I’m profoundly thankful for the Cooperative Program because I have seen firsthand that because of it we can do more together for the Gospel."

Tim Chatman, Seminary Student/Missionary Kid